The Blue card: The status that confirms your membership in the Alfursan de Saudia program

Unlike conventional and linear programs, the operation of the Saudi Airlines AlFursan program is based on a hierarchical structure: customers collect points, usually based on their frequency and purchase value, which allow them to achieve a certain status.

The Blue Card: The lowest status in the Alfursan reward program

Each status is characterized by its own calculation scale and above all specific advantages. This type of operation departs from the logic of one-size-fits-all and allows for more interesting relational content.

Issued once your membership application is accepted by the airline, this card is your gateway to all the benefits and privileges that Saudi Airlines reserves for its most loyal passengers.
Receive the card: This is done by joining the Alfursan Rewards Program by registering online.
This status does not allow you to benefit from the advantages, discounts, … it certainly serves as a passenger to the higher and higher levels of the program, allowing you to benefit from the most prestigious advantages: VIP lounges and events, skip-the-line ticket offices, payment or personalized services.

The highest statuses We’ve all seen scenes at the airport where passengers, their Gold or Platinum cards hanging from their suitcases, walk past a long line of passengers and go to the check-in desk before all other customers.

What are we feeling? Is it fairer that clients with the highest status are so spoiled compared to others?
The existence of different levels of status that the client must achieve creates pressure: you have to increase your expenses or keep them at a high level in order to enjoy the most interesting benefits.
One way to achieve this could be by allowing the customer to accumulate points other than through purchasing behavior. Engagement behavior could thus be favored, especially when the customer is close to the threshold to be maintained.

However, being in possession of the Blue card allows you to benefit from priority if your name is on the waiting list on the day of departure.

Check your balance

You can check online the number of miles left in your account after each transaction you make using your Alfursan account. You can also log in to your member area to see the latest news about the program and its new features.

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