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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Saudi Airlines' concerns, which pays constant attention to its quality. From recruitment to training, from the development of internal tools to technical know-how, everything is thought out and optimized to ensure responsiveness and adequate response before and after sales. The quality of customer service is more than ever at the center of the concerns of passengers (individuals and professionals), and therefore of its operation. Maximum satisfaction is her way of thanking them for the trust they place in her and she has been saying for several years.

For the Saudi company, the customer relationship is no longer simply assimilated to a commercial relationship. It continues and talks after the sale. Thus, it does not consider customer service as a support function but as the partner of its sales department.

Customer requests, complaints (delay, cancellation or lost baggage), a team of expert advisers who are always ready to listen and define the needs of passengers and professional customers (companies) and their expectations while collecting as much relevant information as possible for successfully travel aboard Saudia planes. They use their abilities and skills just to guide their customers to the best possible choices they can make while traveling on a route served by the Saudi Arabian company.

Responsiveness, communication and organization between its departments,… all of this enabled Saudi Airlines to set up efficient customer service.

What do you need to know about complaints to Saudia?
There are several disputes that can arise while using the aircraft: Flight cancellation, flight delay, overbooking, denied boarding, lost luggage, Refund of airport taxes. In some cases, the passenger may be eligible for compensation, so an information notice setting out the compensation and assistance rules must be provided to the passenger during the flight.

In these cases, why and when should you file a complaint with your airline?

Flight delay: depending on the waiting period, the passenger can obtain support: accommodation, catering, refreshment.

Passengers can be reimbursed for their ticket if the delay time exceeds three hundred minutes (5 hours). If the flight delay exceeds one hundred and eighty minutes (3 hours) or more after the arrival initially scheduled by the carrier, the passenger has the right to compensation. The compensation provided for the passenger is of this order: from 250 euros for journeys of less than 1,500 kilometers, up to 600 euros for journeys of more than 3,500 kilometers.

Compensation is in the form of travel vouchers with the passenger's consent otherwise compensation is in the form of cash, transfer or check.

Contact Saudia customer service after the flight is canceled?
The passenger benefits either from a reimbursement of the flight if he renounces to continue his journey or to another flight. Compensation is the same as indicated for delays. Before taking any steps, the passenger must send a complaint to the air carrier.

Make a complaint to Saudia

There are many reasons for making a complaint to airline customer service. The Asian air carrier offers a more or less simple process to formulate your complaint. It can be online via a form, via dedicated services on social networks Facebook, Twitter or even a telephone number. We strongly advise you to start your process with a phone call (+966 920003777). By contacting customer service, you will be able to hear the justifications from your operator and this will allow you to formulate your written complaint more precisely. She will also prove your good liver with the aim of an amicable process. In some cases, it will even save you from sending a registered mail.

So to file a complaint, it is advisable to contact customer service by phone, then send your request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

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  1. Hello Good day;
    I booked a ticket for 4 via Travelgenio travel agency and received my e-ticket with Booking ID 22377579. my Booking Code is LT5H39, I would like to confirm my booking.

    Thank you

  2. the most uselss airline on the planet, they should close down cannot provide any customer service or valid number to speak to an agent. We flew on flight sv1523 and our luggage did not arrive in Tabuk from Riyadh, We went to baggage claims to log a claim and were turned away. Totally ridiculous after we enquired at Riyadh, ethiopian airlines informed us that our baggage is in Riyadh but they need the claim number from Saudia to make arrangements to send the luggage. Please assist urgently as we are going in circles with the oxygen thief Mr Sami at Tabuk Airport Baggage claims.

  3. My name is Benjamin Aguokwe,I boarded saudia airline from najran to jeddah on the Friday 16th December, I checked in my luggage. I was told I will get my luggages at my destination lagos. I boarded egypt air from jeddah to lagos the next day
    My brothers and my friends. Please anybody who knows what I can do to get my bags. I didn’t see my bags at Lagos Airport since 17th Dec till 20th Dec today
    I took off with Saudia airline from Najran Airport to Jedda Airport, where I joined Egyptair to Cairo and the same Egyptair to Lagos.
    I was told that my bags would be collected by me at Lagos Airport in Najran . I was issued with 2 luggage tickets and the corresponding tickets attached to the bags each, I was there until the 2 bags rolled out of my sight in the boarding pass spot.
    Now I got to Lagos, my bags were not found and today’s flight didn’t come with the bags. I am hopelessly devastated. If anyone has had this experience before , please direct me to what to do or how I can follow it up and get my bags. Whom to call at the Najran airport and Jedda airport. I am currently in Nigeria now, very unhappy.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.

  4. Hallo Saudi Airlines,

    why nobody will answer me !!! I asked you many times why you canceled my confirm flight on December 3 ? I want back my money (refund) and also compensation for my inconvenience.

    When i get my money back or what i have to do for that ???

    Steffen Boas

  5. i have complain about Saudi airlines new York station employee
    Iam working for saudia over 34 years
    i flow from JFK TO JED flight SV035 on 16 nov 2022
    iam eligible for upgrade as my org 3YJi asked the Saudi agent to record my upgrade and she inform me the bossiness class was full ,i told her just requestor my id for upgrade and she refuse after start boarding i asked her at the gate if i been upgraded and she insist that bossiness is full ,
    after we board and flew i found 3 seats available on the bossiness class and the flight attendant supervisor told me we have 3 seats available but we cant help you,
    iam just wondering why she did this ,what’s the reason for her not to upgrade me and i am eligible for the upgrade
    i need an answer

  6. My wife flew from NY to Kochi about a month ago on business class, lost one of her 2 pieces of luggage, the trip was for 2 weeks and the luggage was not found within those 10 days, on the 10th day after several calls to the local office, we were told to open a claim online, which we did, we have since then tried calling several numbers at customer service, who have zero clue on how to deal with these cases, they dont even ask you for the ticket number to check the status. we have re submitted the ticket 3 times . I cant believe that this airline can even stay in business, the quality of customer service provided is downright unimaginable. My advice to anyone flying this airline is buyer beware. I would not wish my worst enemy to fly on this airline. No one in this organization is held accountable.

    New York

  7. To whom it may concern, 9/28/22
    It has been almost a week since arriving at JFK Airport in New York. I had taken your flight number SV21 on September 22, 2022. My name is Jagat Pavitram Dasa.
    During that flight, I was given a slice of Pizza and within that item was a hard item that looked like a stone or rock. When I bit into the pizza given that item that was in the pizza cracked/damaged two teeth that are side by side.
    I immediately contacted your staff member in the jet and asked for the supervisor to see what they were going to do. The first individual who was a man and no name was given to me took down the details and said he would have the supervisor get in contact with me. Sometimes hours later, a supervisor did come and I showed him the damaged teeth in my mouth and discussed what he was going to do. He advised me that he would write up a report and give me a copy of the same which never occurred.
    As we were getting close to arrival I ask a duty staff to ask the supervisor to come to see me . Shortly, after making that request he appeared and I asked him for the report he stated he would give me. At that point, He was claiming that he would do that after landing and would send it to my email address which I had given him earlier along with my telephone numbers.
    Unfortunately, his words and promises were useless as he never sent or called me on this report that was supposed to be sent. I am still sitting here with the (2) two damaged teeth that need to be taken care of and I have not received or heard from anyone. Please inform me as soon as possible how we are going to handle this matter. Thank you so much. Jagat P. Dasa.

  8. To whomsoever it may concern,

    I had traveled with Saudi Arabian Airlines from London Heathrow to Cochin on Saturday, 03-09-2022. There was a stopover at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The connecting flight was also run by Saudi Arabian Airlines. The PNR number for the travel was 6RDH7Z.

    Flight number SV 112 was scheduled to depart from London Heathrow airport at 15:45 hours. Even though boarding was completed by 15:15 the flight departed after a huge delay at 17:30 hours. When the flight did not take off at the scheduled time, I checked with the airline staff in the aircraft. I informed them that I had a connecting flight from Jeddah, and whether I will miss that flight is this flight is delayed. I was concerned because I was travelling for a very short stay in my homeland, as it was the 1st death anniversary of my father. The airline staff said that there is no room for concern, and since the connecting flight is also of the same company everything has been taken care of. In fact there were 16 persons in the said flight who were scheduled to go to Cochin on the connecting flight from Jeddah. The staff positively assured us that everything is taken care of and there is nothing to be worried about.

    The flight landed in Jeddah at around 1:30 hours on 4-9-2022 instead of the scheduled 23:45 hours on 3-9-2022. In fact the connecting flight was in the airport when we landed. The sixteen of us rushed out, and when we reached the concerned officials we informed that we had to board the connecting flight. We were shocked to hear that we cannot board the flight since it has just taken off, and we can travel in the next flight which will be after 24 hours.

    We were quite taken aback by the rude manners of the staff of Saudi Arabian Airlines, as they did not bother to listen to our concerns. It is known to them that there were 16 passengers in the incoming flight from London to travel in the flight to Cochin. When the flight SV 112 had in fact landed at Jeddah airport, SV784 had not departed. The 16 travelers lost 24 hours of their precious time because of the mismanagement, negligence and incompetence of the staff of Saudi Arabian airlines. They were not ready to arrange another flight albeit of a different company, so that a delay of 24 hours can be avoided. The staff was adamant and said we can travel only on the next day, same time.

    We had to spend a lot of time to convince the authorities to provide us accommodation. The Jeddah Airport did not have wifi connection. Even the hotel where were accommodated did not have wifi connection in the rooms. I had to sit in the lobby to access internet to call my family and inform the delay. Moreover there was no way to take a local sim card either. It was a huge mental trauma to me. My family was also quite stressed hearing the news of my delay.

    I was travelling to Kerala, India to pay my respects on the 1st death anniversary of my father. I had scheduled my travel in such a manner that every day I was in Kerala there was one thing or the other which was planned.My mom was not keeping well and I had repeatedly said this to the airlines staff and who ever came up the way enquiring about the matter at the airport. Since my landing was delayed by 24 hours, entire plans had to be dropped and my mom’s condition was too bad by the time I reached home. It caused much mental trauma to me and my family. It caused a lot of financial loss as well.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam
    my name is Fahim Ali
    I traveled from Lucknow to Khartoum (Sudan) on 27/05/2022 but my bag did not arrive.
    I contact the airport everyday but my bag has not arrived yet.
    please make sure you reach me
    I will be grateful to you.

  10. Salam,
    I will be flying over to Makkah with my wife to perform the Umrah on 1 October 2022. My wife is suffering from a kidney disease and needs to have her thrice weekly Recormon iu injection. For her stay in Makkah and Madinah , she has to bring along her pre-filled syringes recormon which need to be refrigerated during the flight.
    I would like to be advised how do we go about solving the above problem.
    Hoping for a favorable solution from the management.
    Thank You.

  11. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing to you to raise an issue i encountered.

    I took a saudi airlines flight to islamabad via Jeddah from paris (CDG airport). The person who booked our bags accidently attached a wrong tag with wrong destination of jakarta and wrong name on it .It was suppose to arrive with me to islamabad . kindly guide me what can i do to get my bag back from jakarta to islamabad.

    Référence : 0656981447004


  13. Hi
    Yous lost my luggage and I have heard nothing back. You are impossible to contact. Your flight service is GREAT…..your customer service if you lose a bag is NON EXISTANT.

    File Name – LHRSV20770

    I tried your claim form but I need a 5 digit claim number – HOPW DO I KNOW THIS. Please tell me before I go mad.

    07870m 953338

    Eamon Fullen

  14. Dear representative of Saudia,

    I really hope you can help me with arranging a reimbursement I request for cost I had to make due to the fact that my luggage arrived with a delay of 7 days. I tried to submit a claim at your website last week, but I doubt whether this arrived in your mailbox, since I got no confirmation. I have send an e-mail afterwards ( to notify you on the fact that I submitted a claim. I haven’t heart anything from you yet, while I hope to process this claim as quick as possible. Not having received my baggage was already inconvenient enough.

    Please help me with processing my claim.

    Kind regards,

  15. Request for compensation .
    Flight no SV106 from Heathrow to Riyadh
    Friday 24 June 2022
    Scheduled to depart at 15.15- cancelled
    No hotel overnight offered so I had to book a taxi to take to me to Luton where I stopped overnight for a flight the following morning at 9.15, this was then delayed for a further 3 hours so I decided to reschedule my flight. I spent practically 2 days stranded at Heathrow airport

  16. dear sir/madam,
    i was then a staf of saudia airlines, in Jeddah as a aircraft mechanic since 1403H/07/17, retired on 27/11/2005, nationality filipino, for my benefits (life time ticket priveledge) , My question is, Can I still have a priveledge to get discount or free ticket to U.S, so that me and my wife to visit our daughter there?
    we cannot anymore to afford to buy tickets to U.S. Please if you can help us, Thanks a lot! Salamallikum!
    Mr>& Mrs Rodante Buhay

  17. I travelled from Mumbai to Amsterdam on 20/05/22. When arrived in
    Amsterdam on 20/5/22 at 13.30 (Amsterdam Time), I was unable to get my baggage in the airport
    loading bay. So, I queued up to make a complaint about the
    missing baggage on the spot. The person in-charged take down
    all the information from me and told me that the baggage maybe
    will take 3-4 days to deliver to me. I only received my baggage
    on 25/5/22 at 09.30 pm (Amsterdam time). The baggage delay from
    20/5/22 to 25/5/22 almost 5 days. I am working as a Model and Actress. to survive 5 days without my baggage I bought my makeup, essential clothes and toiletries.
    I would like to claim the delaying compensation. Please advise me on how to claim the compensation.

    FLIGHT/DATE – SV773/20MAY/SV215/20MAY/
    TICKET NUMBER – 065691643563902
    TAG NUMBER – SV585423/

  18. “Saudi Airlines not allow to carry Zam Zam Water”
    I travel from Jeddah to Bangkok on 4 June 2022 at 2:40 Flight no. SV 846. Staff at the check in counter informed me Saudi Airlines is not allowed to carry Zam Zam Water. Which is unexpected. I travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. When I went back to Thailand, Saudi Airlines did not allow me to carry Zam Zam Water.

  19. hello
    For refund of ticket #M5NND6 – 220523231306
    Estelita Galiza ,passenger, was denied boarding because of transit in Riyadh.
    P.S i purchased the ticket from Saudia website and got confirmation without any problem.

    thank you.

  20. Hi
    I traveled through Saudi Airlines for performing umrah from Peshawar to Jeddah. At Jeddah airport, our luggage was missing. We complained to the Saudi airline counter. They said that the luggage will arrive on a later flight. However, we by our can not wait for the luggage as our umrah was in the group and we were bound to leave for Makkah along with our group. We left the airport without luggage. You can imagine the situation that we were wearing only Ihram and nothing was with us. All our clothes and necessary items were in the luggage. At the moment, I am in Madinah and have not received my luggage.
    I am astonished that what is the service quality and customer care of Saudi airlines. They don’t even think about how to deal with the guests of Allah?
    Muhammad Kausar.
    Departure: ( Flight No SV 797 , Sun 17 April 2022, time 14:15)
    Arrival: ?( ( Flight No SV 722 , Sat 07 May 2022, time 01:30)

    1. Hello, I am in the same situation, in the end did you find your luggage or receive any compensation?

  21. Authentication Code: 9286
    Booking reference: S5HXRL
    Booking reference:

    S5HXRL – 280517332721

    Dear Sir
    You Changed my
    flight SV757 .( 8 May ,Delhi to Jeddah ) to New Flight SV 757
    We have booked the previous flight from Delhi to Riyadh via Jeddah,
    Old flight from Jeedah to riyadh at SV 1024 at 10 AM morning.

    What about the flight from Jeddah to riyadh.
    Since this flight reached Jeddah at 15.20 PM. ( Previous Connecting flight was ok)

    We needed flight after this. ( New flight from Jeddah to Riyadh on 8 May 2022 after 15.20 PM

    Dr.Shailendra Mishra

    1. Dear Sir / Madam,

      I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Flights

      The issue that I have experienced was: On the 29 Mar 2022 I took a saudia flight to Delhi via Jeddah (SV210 and SV756). Upon my arrival my bag was left in Jeddah and Saudia baggage advised me that the bag would arrive with the 6:30 pm flight and they would deliver the bag to my location in the following adddress Brahma Kumaris Gyan Sarovar Rd Mount Abu Rajasthan. I file a report and signed it. They told me to call the number on the report. Something I have been dling for the last three days without any one answering the phone. I even had my girlfriend from USA call the call center for information without success.
      I have medication and all my personal belongings in the bag. I have not been contacted nor can I get in contact.
      Here is my contact information: My phone +393406873632 (whats app). or my indian number +91 7851 063408. My ticket number is 065691597677502 my name is Manuel Javier Vanegas Sus.

      Here is the message I received from Saudia

      Dear Manuel Vanegas Sus,
      We have received your ticket 376485, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Here is your ticket details
      Created On:30.03.2022 14:00:18 UTC
      Expected Completion Due Date:10.04.2022 06:30:00 UTC

      Thank you,
      Guest Relations – Baggage Complaints

      If I will not be contacted with tomorrow I will file a stolen goods ploce report accussing Saudia.

      I wait for you comments

      Mr. Vanegas Sus

      It occurred on: 30/03/2022

      Contact me immediately and let me know where my bag is.

      I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

      Yours faithfully,

      Manuel Javier Vanegas Sus

      : 065691597677502

      Brahma Kumaris Gyan Sarovar Rd Mount Abu Rajasthan , Via Bergamo 28 Montevecchia (LC) 23874 Italy
      Mount Abu

  22. Sir/Madam,
    My flight scheduled on 02 January 2022 at 3PM Fight # SV861 Manila to Riyadh
    My question is,
    Are we required to take RT PCR Test before my flight?
    Because now I am living in Province and we have only 3 laboratories accredited to conduct
    covid -19 testing,
    I asking them about the schedule, but sad to say they are close
    From December 30-31, 2021 to January 01-03, 2022 due to Christmas holiday.

    So, Can I go to travel to Riyadh by 02 January without RT-PCR Test?

    Please advice.

  23. sir /madam
    my flight booking no :RNIO4A
    date of-:-10/12/21
    time is – 11:15-departure ;Madrid-ADOLFO SUAREZ BARAJAS



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