Contact Saudi customer service, by phone or online

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Saudi Airlines' concerns, which pays constant attention to its quality. From recruitment to training, from the development of internal tools to technical know-how, everything is thought out and optimized to ensure responsiveness and adequate response before and after sales. The quality of customer service is more than ever at the center of the concerns of passengers (individuals and professionals), and therefore of its operation. Maximum satisfaction is her way of thanking them for the trust they place in her and she has been saying for several years.

For the Saudi company, the customer relationship is no longer simply assimilated to a commercial relationship. It continues and talks after the sale. Thus, it does not consider customer service as a support function but as the partner of its sales department.

Customer requests, complaints (delay, cancellation or lost baggage), a team of expert advisers who are always ready to listen and define the needs of passengers and professional customers (companies) and their expectations while collecting as much relevant information as possible for successfully travel aboard Saudia planes. They use their abilities and skills just to guide their customers to the best possible choices they can make while traveling on a route served by the Saudi Arabian company.

Responsiveness, communication and organization between its departments,… all of this enabled Saudi Airlines to set up efficient customer service.

What do you need to know about complaints to Saudia?
There are several disputes that can arise while using the aircraft: Flight cancellation, flight delay, overbooking, denied boarding, lost luggage, Refund of airport taxes. In some cases, the passenger may be eligible for compensation, so an information notice setting out the compensation and assistance rules must be provided to the passenger during the flight.

In these cases, why and when should you file a complaint with your airline?

Flight delay: depending on the waiting period, the passenger can obtain support: accommodation, catering, refreshment.

Passengers can be reimbursed for their ticket if the delay time exceeds three hundred minutes (5 hours). If the flight delay exceeds one hundred and eighty minutes (3 hours) or more after the arrival initially scheduled by the carrier, the passenger has the right to compensation. The compensation provided for the passenger is of this order: from 250 euros for journeys of less than 1,500 kilometers, up to 600 euros for journeys of more than 3,500 kilometers.

Compensation is in the form of travel vouchers with the passenger's consent otherwise compensation is in the form of cash, transfer or check.

Contact Saudia customer service after the flight is canceled?
The passenger benefits either from a reimbursement of the flight if he renounces to continue his journey or to another flight. Compensation is the same as indicated for delays. Before taking any steps, the passenger must send a complaint to the air carrier.

Make a complaint to Saudia

There are many reasons for making a complaint to airline customer service. The Asian air carrier offers a more or less simple process to formulate your complaint. It can be online via a form, via dedicated services on social networks Facebook, Twitter or even a telephone number. We strongly advise you to start your process with a phone call (+966 920003777). By contacting customer service, you will be able to hear the justifications from your operator and this will allow you to formulate your written complaint more precisely. She will also prove your good liver with the aim of an amicable process. In some cases, it will even save you from sending a registered mail.

So to file a complaint, it is advisable to contact customer service by phone, then send your request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

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