Is your child traveling alone on a Saudia plane?

Today it is more and more common to see children traveling unaccompanied on planes. Parents cannot always accompany them to grandparents or to summer camps and the services of airlines in this area have grown considerably in recent years.

Does your child have to take a Saudi Airlines plane alone? Please note that this operator does not accept children under 12 years old unless they are accompanied by a person aged 16 or over. With this service, children are considered priority passengers and board the plane first. They are also escorted to their seat upon departure and receive special attention throughout the flight, then escorted to the person who needs to collect them at the arrival airport. Children are never left unattended.

Children are able to travel alone on Saudi Airlines planes. The age conditions are slightly modified.

How to book the escort service for children traveling alone?
Saudi Airlines requires that the escort service for minors be booked at the time of booking. A limited number of unaccompanied children are indeed accepted on board and the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to have it accepted.

Tips to make your child's travel easier

So that your child doesn't miss anything during their trip and that everything goes as it should, here are our suggestions:

- Check in any baggage that your child would not be able to carry on their own.
- Leave him a small piece of hand luggage with what he will need during the trip (blanket, toys, books, snacks, handkerchiefs, etc.).
- Make sure you have completed all the travel formalities for your child (visa, vaccines, entry formalities, etc.).
- Correctly complete the documents necessary for the care of your child.

Children under 5 cannot travel alone on Saudia flights. Between 5 and 11 years old, they must be part of the company's UM program. Minors aged 12 to 17 are allowed to travel alone if they have written permission from their parents or legal guardians.

If you wish to book an assistance service for an unaccompanied minor, we invite you to contact the airline directly.

What procedure to perform at the airport?

Upon registration, the child is directly taken care of by Saudia. Assistance accompanies the minor to checkpoints, customs and boarding lounge. Parents are advised to stay at the airport until the plane takes off.

Upon arrival at destination, airport ground staff will take care of the child as soon as they leave the plane, at checkpoints and customs, at baggage claim and until the arrival of the child, person responsible for receiving it.

What documents does the child need to have?

In addition to their boarding pass and ticket, a child traveling alone must have a valid photo ID or passport. Note that a child traveling without his father, mother, or legal guardian no longer needs an authorization to leave the country to travel alone. However, some countries may require specific documents. So remember to check what your child needs on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How the cabin crew in Saudia work with unaccompanied minors
The attendant is asked to stay at the airport until the plane takes off. If the flight is canceled, the child can indeed be entrusted to him while awaiting a new flight. During the flight, the airlines ensure the safety and comfort of the child. Depending on the company chosen and his destination, he can benefit from a meal, magazines, films, cartoons, etc., adapted to his age and possibly small gifts for entertainment. Once at the destination, the child is accompanied to the person designated to collect it. She must then justify her identity.

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