Delay or loss of luggage: How to react and file a complaint with Flyadeal?

Around the world, thousands of passengers have the unpleasant surprise of not finding their hold baggage on the carpet upon arrival. But half of the unlucky passengers were able to retrieve their lost luggage.

Delayed baggage, what to do?

Baggage is delayed when it is not present when exiting the Flyadeal aircraft but is delivered to you later. If during the period of absence of your luggage you had to buy basic necessities (hygiene products, underwear, etc.), you can request reimbursement from your airline upon presentation of invoices. You have three weeks (21 days) from the date the baggage was made available to complain in writing to the carrier. In the absence of a protest within the prescribed time limits, the action against the carrier is considered inadmissible.

Baggage is considered delayed or lost when it is not present when you get off the plane but is delivered to you later. If during the period of absence of your baggage, you had to buy basic necessities, you can request reimbursement from the airline on presentation of invoices.

You must respect the complaint deadline to complain in writing to the carrier. In the absence of a written complaint within this period, any action against the company is inadmissible.

If you notice that your baggage is not there on your arrival, or that it has been damaged, immediately report it to the counter of the company that made the last flight so that it can register your complaint and, if applicable search for your baggage. If there is no counter, contact Flyadeal as soon as possible to report the absence of your baggage and obtain a file number. If you are on vacation, don’t wait until you get home.

Lost luggage, what procedure to follow to get compensation?

You have just landed, you are about to leave the airport, but you realize that you are the only passenger who has not received your suitcase. No need to wait in front of the conveyor belt, your luggage has probably been misplaced. In such a situation, go immediately to the baggage service of your Flyadeal airline, if possible at the airport or by contacting them from your home by Internet or by phone. The company will then ask you to fill out a complaint form with all the elements it needs to find your lost baggage. It is advisable to send this file to the company by Registered Mail with Acknowledgment of Receipt, along with the required supporting documents. This proves that the file has indeed been sent to the company. Be careful to respect the dispatch deadline: you have three weeks from the date your luggage should have arrived (for a loss), 21 days from the delivery date (for a late delivery). In the absence of a protest within the prescribed time limit, the action against the carrier is inadmissible.

Damaged luggage, Flyadeal owes you compensation

Your luggage was damaged during the flight? You can file a claim for compensation with your airline 7 days from the date of discovery of the damage. The procedure is similar to that used for missing baggage. The letter must be accompanied by photocopies of any supporting documents you have. In the absence of a protest within the prescribed time limit, the action against the carrier is inadmissible.

If you are still at the airport, the baggage service of your company can directly establish a baggage irregularity report. Keep your flight documents such as boarding pass, baggage tags, ...

For information, minor damage caused by the trip (scratches, marks, dirt) are generally not taken into account by airlines. Only the most significant incidents are considered.

Baggage declared lost by Flyadeal

If the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage or if your baggage has not arrived at its destination within twenty-one days from the date it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You are then entitled to claim reimbursement for your lost property and suitcase. The company will have to reimburse you for the amount of your damage that you have proved, but within the limit of approximately 6440 SAR. Be aware that in the event of lost luggage, airlines do not reimburse lost personal effects based on their new value but often apply a discount.

Send a written request to the airline, attaching the invoices for the purchase of lost goods. If you do not have the supporting documents, you may be offered compensation by weight (around 92 SAR).

In case of absence of luggage, the Saudi company can sometimes provide you with a kit of essentials or give you a credit to cover your first expenses due to the absence of your suitcase, but this is not an obligation.

Baggage damaged during the journey

If you notice upon receipt of your baggage that it has been damaged or destroyed during transport, you can request reimbursement of the price of your suitcase and damaged goods from the carrier. To do this, you must write to the company within seven days of receiving your suitcase, providing as much information as possible about the goods damaged during transport (photographs of the damaged goods, purchase invoices, etc.).

If you find anything missing from your baggage, please report the incident to your airline. The procedure is similar to that used for lost or damaged baggage.

Please note, if you have lost an item on board the aircraft in which you have traveled or in one of the company's private lounges before boarding, contact your airline's lost and found department. If the object has been lost in the terminal, contact the corresponding service at the airport concerned.

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  1. Hello My name Rahul Virkud , I have lost my baggage on 27 aug 2023 while travelling from mumbai to amsterdam fight number SV773, SV215. i was carring 2 bags where one bag was missing, I registred after struggling for 5 hours. Its been 2 weeks i couldn’t find my bag, I tried contacting customer care number and i experienced very poor response, +4921164136108 this is number which i got contacted and the respond was really pathetic , the guy speaking on the other had no idea about his job, I would never choose this airlines again and suggest travellers not to choose this airlines because of poor service, I request Saudia airlines solve this issue and take action

  2. Hello Sir/Madam.

    My checked-in baggage from Jeddah to Istanbul was delayed by 4 days.

    I have emailed Flyadeal who do not respond.

    Please check and address correspondence.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We flew from Madina to Riyadh on 7th of August 2023.

    We lost our luggage (2 bags) in this flight.

    We lodged a complaint and were issues a receipt for the lost luggage (attaching receipt in this mail for your reference)

    Till date we have no information about the lost luggage.

    Kindly look into the matter urgently.



  4. Hi,

    I have lost my baggage travelling from Jedda to Riyadh with Flyadeal Airlines.
    I have already made a complain and after a week I got response that they will look for a bag.
    It’s already more than 3 wees. Till now I didn’t receive response from Flyadeal Airlines.

    Please provide some information how to reach the airlines to get compensation.


  5. Hello sir/madam, I have lost my bag while traveling to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) from Jeddah international airport on 9th August 2023.
    Colour/type: BK25HWX
    Mobile number: +33 6 52 52 42 03

  6. Heller
    We lost our bagage in Khalifa airport.
    Fly from turkey to Ryadh. We were not allowed to pick up The baggage att airport and we where stopped at transit area and then in The last minute we where escorted to india Airline to continue our Travel to mumbai. When we arrived in India The baggage was lost. And india would bot let US leave transit area since we where going to go to Travel to phuket The next morning.
    How can I get in contact With Flyadeal Airlines or India Airlines to filé a complain and try to recover our bags ..???


  7. Dear Saudia,
    I filed a lost baggage yesterday August 20, 2022 with file no. DXBSV97115 and tried to call the baggage call center yesterday for 20 times and no one is available as I consumed much for waiting on the line.
    I tried to call you call center number +966920022222 and it says there press 9 for English but still in ARABIC. How the hell can I understand if you don’t have english representative? You are a big company but there is no english rep for your customers? I am really very disappointed. I am a loyal customer but now, please don’t make me write my disappointments to my column and vlogs. PLS DO SOMETHING!
    I need my bag within TODAY morning as I need the contents of it. I tried to call and raise complains from your website but there is no feature for complaints and or available email to send the complaints. This is ridiculous! I am demanding for compensation about this.

  8. Please URGENTLY assist to contact me for below lost and found luggage of a seaman onboard vessel.

    (MNL –JED –CAI )


    CLAIM NO. SV48409


  9. Booking reference : K8DUFG
    Flight F 3 126
    Baggage number : F3737765
    On 22nd June Jeddah to Riyadh flight I have lost my baggage (cartoon boxl) in side tha cartoon tools and working materials if didn’t found i loose my job.


  10. Hello,
    I have lost my luggage from Madina to Dammam KSA on 2 May 2022. Till now I didn’t receive my luggage
    How to get back as I have important credentials

    Mohammed Abdul Hannan

  11. Booking reference : Y4RI3S – 142635172402
    Flight F 3 154
    Baggage number : F3556562
    On 9th May Jiddah to Riyadh flight my baggage was lost till now and for the baggage I could not take my flight from Riyadh to Toronto and I stay one week in Jiddah for the bag no body co operate me .I have not gotten any information and I have sent email to the flyadeal customer care email address but they did not contact till now . Can any help me please ?
    Tel +1226 600 1147

  12. Hello sir/madam, I have lost my bag while traveling to Frankfurt from Jeddah international airport on 30th April.
    15009908 217 1/25
    15009908 217 1/26
    TO FRA SV 167 30APR

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