Can I choose my seat for free on a Flynas plane?

The Saudi Arabian company effectively grants this facility to its customers. You can choose a seat, then print your boarding pass. Prices vary depending on your choice and the location of your chair. This procedure can be carried out online by identifying yourself in your space on Manage My Reservation or by calling customer service to save a lot of time at the airport, since it allows you to go directly to the departure gate after having, possibly, left their luggage at the drop-off point for those traveling in the hold.

Spacious business class seat and window

Flynas offers a priority boarding formula which, in principle, allows you to choose your seat, in the front or in the back, window or aisle side, near an emergency exit, etc.

Regular airlines such as the subsidiary of Saudi Airlines are trying, with varying degrees of success, to sell more seats.

These, usually located near emergency exits, can be purchased thirty hours before departure for flights to foreign airports. On the other hand, the choice of other seats, on the web as by phone or at the check-in counter, is not free, but the service is convenient and allows you to choose the best seat for you on board.

To make flights profitable, airlines tend to narrow the rows to the maximum permitted by law. And in the series of the worst, it is not uncommon to see a place imposed along the toilet with a double drawback: intensive passage and vertical frozen backrest. Without forgetting the allocation of a seat between two unknown passengers, in the center of a row of 4 or 5 seats. However, it is possible to choose your place. At the last minute, this can be done at the counter at the time of check-in, provided you know how to chat with the hostess and with a smile. Especially since online sales assigns, by default, the worst seats. Low prices correspond to bad seats. It's fair game. Anyway, on all flights, you can try to change your seat.

The rule is simple: first come, first place. Knowing that the check-in counters open three hours in advance, ...
However, only those places that are still available will be allocated in this way, because in reality, it is more and more common to reserve a place earlier, when purchasing the ticket at an agency or online. By clicking on the "manage your reservation" tab and thus choosing the appropriate seat, at least 24 hours before the flight.

Choose your seat in a few clicks

We already know that each aircraft has its own configuration, and each company may request specific arrangements. This explains why they do not all have the same density or the same distribution of seats.

First step to take

Locating the seats, the Internet is a valuable ally in this area, since all companies including Flynas display their fleet, which allows a priori to know if the flight will take place for example on an Airbus A320CEO, ...

Second step, a visit to the Flynas website lets you know the aircraft that will be operated to serve the flight on which you have reserved a seat. It indicates the best seats, those to avoid and even all the equipment (radio headset, Internet access, video, etc.).

Third step: make your own choice according to the circumstances.

Corridor or window? With the family or on a solo trip, everyone has their own option

It must be admitted, the grown-ups are not at the party on a plane. But several tips allow them to travel more comfortably. At the head of the row, for example, it is always possible to extend your legs in the aisle. To be folded up with each passage of the trolley, but they are not that frequent. It is better to choose the head rows of the device. In front of the partitions which separate the classes, the space is generally larger. Another option, the emergency exits: the passage is wider, to allow the rapid evacuation of the device in the event of a problem. There are restrictions: to be installed there, the passenger must indeed be mobile, to move faster if necessary. He must also speak the mother tongue of the company, the objective being that he understands the instructions perfectly.

The morphology can also become an ordeal for passengers with a certain overweight. They must ensure that the armrests in their row are foldable, so as not to be too cramped. The seats at the start of each row should also be checked, as the shelves can be inserted into the armrest which also reduces the width of the seat.

Flynas Seat Selection and Selection Service helps you avoid the worst

Failing to have the best location, know how to avoid the worst. For peace of mind, avoid the proximity of the storage cabin, used for meals. The smell, the noises and the comings and goings will quickly upset the most patient sleeper.

It is located, depending on the aircraft, in the center of the plane or at the back. Avoid row 24 of the A320CEO. To sleep better too, avoid the last rows of each area (first, business or economy). They are leaned against the partition walls, which makes it impossible to tilt the seat. Very uncomfortable, Proximity to the toilets is not recommended. In the A320ceo, they are distributed in 3 places in the aircraft. Worse still, row 7 of the A 320neo is surrounded on both sides by toilets.

As for passengers who have air sickness or airplane phobias, the seats on the wings are the most recommended: turbulence is less felt.

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