Various payment methods at Flynas

You must pay the fare of your Fkynas-issued ticket and all taxes, fees and charges in Saudi Riyals, unless we or our authorized agents direct you to use another currency no later than the time you pay. We may choose to accept payment in another currency.

Payment method

Payment methods vary depending on the country and channel through which you make your reservation. You can pay through our website or through the Flynas call center (customer service page), voucher or credit card. Restrictions may apply at the time of booking for certain countries, currencies and booking channels. Additional charges may apply for each of the payment methods at our discretion. For bookings made using a credit card, please see below for a list of cards with which you can settle your fees and payments to the Saudi company.


The most common method of payment in Saudi Arabia, used by citizens to pay and settle their various bills. Go to this page to create your customer account and start enjoying this service by paying your booking fees or the purchase of baggage supplements using a credit card Sadad.

Payment period

Rates and all taxes, fees and other charges must be paid in full prior to confirmation of a reservation. If at the time of booking these sums have not been fully paid or your credit card is declined, we will have the right to cancel the booking at any time without any liability and without needing to notify you.

Which card should you use to buy a cheaper plane ticket?

Paying for a plane ticket on the web is not easy. It is when we find ourselves in front of the payment page that the problems and questions begin. In particular, when it comes to entering the type of bank card. Debit card or credit card?

You can easily find your plane ticket on the Internet, but difficulties quickly come when you have to pay
There are so many options: Mastercard, Visa, debit card, credit card. But what is the real difference and why are you asked to choose the type of cards when purchasing an airline ticket? It's all about strategy. Travel professionals use this technique to highlight preferential rates, but which are in reality promotional offers, generally assimilated to a type of card.

Several types of cards exist on the market, and belong to a class which can be subdivided into several subgroups.
Each credit card network (American Express, Mastercard, Visa) may offer different types of cards.

Flynas authorizes you to make an airline ticket reservation and pay for your various purchases on its website using the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Mada, Apple Pay, Paypal, Vouchers and Credit Shell.
There are credit cards for:
- The details;
- Professionals, self-employed workers, small businesses;
- The big enterprises.

The credit card is not linked to your checking account. This has the great advantage of allowing you to have credit cards from other institutions than your current bank / caisse.

The credit card has a limit pre-set by the issuer and allows you to defer payment in relation to your purchase.
The balance on a credit card can be carried over from month to month against payment of very high interest.
In the world of points, you pay your entire credit card every month.

The payment card

The payment card is not linked to your checking account. It has no pre-established limit known to the customer (only the sender knows it) and allows you to defer payment in relation to your purchase.
The balance of a payment card MUST be paid with each statement and cannot be carried forward against payment of interest.

For each of them, the characteristics differ and you could take advantage of various advantages such as:
- A guarantee in case of theft or loss of your card.
- Customer service available 24/24 in the event of theft with emergency replacement thereof;
- Travel assistance and insurance ;
- Personal assistance.