Unaccompanied minor in a Flynas plane: Procedures to follow and documents to provide at the airport

Is it going on vacation soon and your child will be alone on a plane or train? Don't panic, we've taken a look at the existing solutions to help you best prepare for your child's trip aboard a Flynas plane.

Schoolchildren have a lot more vacations than their parents and it is sometimes handy to be able to send them to grandparents, or even to friends whether in Saudi Arabia or abroad, … during school vacations, but is it really safe to let them take the plane alone? With a support service provided by Flynas, obviously yes.

The Saudi company offers an accompaniment service for your children, all year round and on all its flights. Pick-up starts at the airport. The conditions depend on the destination and the age of the child.

Those responsible for the child must ensure that the child meets the formalities for leaving the country and entering the country of destination.

New regulations oblige all passengers, children and adults, to travel with an individual identity document when leaving Saudi Arabia. This document can be a passport or an identity card. It is therefore no longer possible to include a child in a parent's passport.

The family record book is not an identity document. It therefore does not allow the child to take the plane.
Minors traveling without their father, mother or legal guardian must present; a national identity card and a valid passport in their name for all other destinations.

Flynas has a number of procedures in place to ensure that unaccompanied children travel in peace and safety. These are available according to different ages:
A child under 12 is not allowed to travel alone. He must be accompanied by an adult, valid and independent.

Parents traveling on the same flight

Please note: children whose parents or responsible adults cannot be considered as UM are traveling on the same flight, but in a different cabin.

If this situation arises, the children and accompanying persons (parents or responsible adults) must be gathered in the same cabin.

If they are elderly people, from 12 to 17 years old (therefore legally considered to be minors in most countries, including Saudi Arabia) for whom the parents want care identical to that of compulsory UMs.

At check-in

The person accompanying your child to check-in must complete a liability waiver on which they will indicate their name, address, telephone number and contact details of the person who will meet the passenger on arrival. The same procedure will be carried out for the return flight. The accompanying person must remain at the airport until the aircraft takes off.

On boarding

An agent takes care of customs, police and security formalities for your child. It will then be boarded as a priority on board the aircraft and entrusted to the main flight attendant for the duration of the flight.

On board

The Flynas flight crew pays special attention to unaccompanied children to make their flight unforgettable.
Welcoming and caring for your child is a ritual that everyone applies contentiously. Your child is taken to his seat by our hostesses and stewards. As a safety measure, it will be placed in a row comprising at least one adult. The cardboard flag is placed above its seat to allow our flight attendants to identify it quickly.

The hostesses and stewards accompany your child to the bathroom door at his request and listen to him to reassure him during his trip.

Download the unaccompanied minor form, fill it out, and present it to the agents at the airport

At the time of disembarkation

At the end of disembarkation, the Chef de Cabine entrusts your child to one of our stopover agents. The latter is responsible for going through customs and police formalities with him, and accompanying him to the person in charge of welcoming him on arrival.

Flynas flight attendants will only be able to entrust your child to this person if it is the person indicated on the waiver completed on departure.

Otherwise, the Saudi Arabian company will notify the phone number on the disclaimer and your child will be returned to the next flight to their place of origin. The return ticket and the costs resulting from the care of the child between his arrival and his re-routing (hotel, meals, transport, etc.) will then be borne by the parents or legal guardians.

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