Flynas: book a plane ticket online

Flynas offers a range of prices that differ depending on the flights and routes served (Domestic, international, intercontinental, etc.).

The Saudi Arabian airline always advertises the lowest available fare on each route. There are a limited number of seats at the advertised price, and they may not be available on all flights in the itinerary, or may be sold out on the flight you have selected. Once the cheapest seats have been sold, the price increases in small increments until all seats in the flight are exhausted.

It just means that the cheapest seats are based on availability; the sooner you confirm and pay for your preferred seats, the better your chances of getting low fares.

To assist customers who book online through its website, Flynas implements a reservation process that displays applicable taxes and fees when reserving a seat. You can also contact their customer service team at the contact center for more details.

Why does Flynas offer lower prices for customers who book online?

This means that every time you make a seat reservation online rather than booking over the phone, you will receive discounts on all one-way fares booked on the Internet.

Take this opportunity. Take advantage of the best fare deals, save valuable time and money and simply book your seat online.

Choose your seat on a Flynas aircraft from your smartphone

Log in to your passenger area on Manage Reservation (manage reservation page) and follow the procedure required to choose the location of your seat on the plane.



Applicabilité Applicable fees
Seat reservations through the contact center • Flight reservations through the nas contact center are subject to a service charge.

• Internet reservations are free.

• Contact center service charge only applies to new bookings, flight and name changes are not subject to contact center service charge. All other charges (flight change, name change, etc.) still apply.

• The contact center service charge does not apply to reservations in the highest fare class (class Y). Mixed bookings with flight segments in Class Y as well as in other fare classes are also not subject to contact center service charges.

– A contact center reservation fee of SAR 10 per booking will apply.
Change of seat (Modification of the reservation)
  • Authorized up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the original flight, subject to availability and payment of the difference in the then applicable fare.
  • Less than 48 hours before the departure time of the originally booked flight, flight changes are not allowed.
  • If the new reservation is in a lower fare class than the original reservation, the difference will not be refunded.

• If the new reservation is in a higher fare class than the original reservation, the fare difference must be paid immediately after the changes.

  • Route changes are not allowed.
  • A flight change fee of 50 SAR as well as a probable fare difference per passenger and per flight segment will be imposed immediately after the changes.
Change of names
  • Allowed up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the initial flight (the passenger is allowed to replace a passenger named in the confirmed reservation with another passenger).
  • Some fare classes do not allow a change of passenger name. Please refer to the specific terms and conditions before finalizing the reservation.
  • A name change fee of 50 SAR per passenger and per flight sector will be levied.
  • The identity of the original passenger as well as the identity of the replaced passenger are required for authentication.
Flight cancellation
  • Authorized up to 48 hours before the departure of the originally scheduled flight.
  • All reservations are strictly non-refundable. Provided that the original reservation is canceled 48 hours before the departure of the flight belonging to Flynas, will be converted into a credit envelope after deduction of the cancellation fee.
  • Passengers who fail to show their flight will lose the fare paid.
  • A cancellation fee of 100 SAR per passenger and per flight sector will apply. Credit shells can be used by any of the original passengers within 3 months from the date of cancellation.
  • Flight cancellations must be made through the contact center on 9200 01234 or at our sales offices in the airport / city of flynas.
Shell Credit Card
  • The prerequisite for using a shell credit (eg resulting from canceled bookings) is that at least one of the original passengers is part of the new one.
Child seat reservation (infant)
  • Applicable to infants 8 days to 24 months.
  • Infants under 8 days old will not be allowed to travel on Flynas.
  • A fee of 40 SAR per infant will apply.
Unaccompanied minor
  • • Flynas designates children aged 5 to 12 as unaccompanied minors when traveling without a parent, guardian or companion of at least 15 years of age.
  • A fee of 70 SAR per child and per flight sector will be applied to provide special services
Flight arrangements with other airlines
  • Flynas is not responsible for individual connecting flight arrangements with other airlines or missed flights from other airlines.
Visa requirement
  • Passengers must ensure that they meet the necessary visa requirements before booking a flight with Flynas.
  • Flynas will not process refund requests for missing visas

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