Traveling with your child on a Flyadeal plane?

That’s it, have you decided to take your children by plane? The first step that most parents dread is flying. However, with a little organization, everything will turn out perfectly.

First, you should know that Saudia agrees to travel your child between your knees, but first you have to pay a fee of 55 SAR. And for security reasons, the Saudi company does not accept more than three infants traveling without a seat on board its aircraft. And as a reminder, only babies under two years old who can travel between the knees of their parents / guardians. Fill in this form, to inform the Flyadeal team of your child’s trip and add it to an already existing reservation.

Get to the airport early, with one or more little ones you won’t be able to run through the terminal, carrying your belongings, children, etc. So take your time to take a cart to put your luggage, and of course to make it a new means of transport for children.

As for the check-in on the flight, when you present your plane tickets, you will know if you can have any remaining seats available to install your child under 2, who normally must stay on your lap. Ditto for the stroller: depending on its size it will have to go in the hold, but be careful to wrap it well to protect it and put a label on it with all your contact details or it can be stored in the plane by the flight attendants.

Hand luggage that each child has their own small bag with all the equipment they will need during the flight (games, book, iPod, colored pencils, etc.). Yours should contain small snacks that will help pass the time, little vests and, in the case of a little one, find out what will pass through security. These bags should be easy to carry, easy to open and give you a free hand to collect your whole little family.

When you go through the security checkpoint, check very carefully that you do not have any liquid, cream or other product that is absolutely essential for your child. They will be confiscated without remorse. Put your kids first by keeping all of their metal items in your basket and send them to the end of the checkout, they can often see the footage of what’s going on. If you can, ask for priority if there are too many people, this is often accepted.

Before it is time to board the Saudia plane, remember to run your kids and let off steam before you get on the plane. Many playgrounds are now provided for them at airports. Of course, a little corner, for adults and children, where they can be changed more easily than on the plane. If you need drinks for your infant, now is the time to think about it before you board the plane. Families with children are often called first.

The time of take-off and landing of the plane is the most delicate for your children who cannot manage the pressure and may have earache. For older children, give them a pacifier or the bottle to drink.
On your plane ride with Saudi Airlines, at the very beginning of the trip, make sure your kids get to know your neighbors while they are still calm. Your neighbors will be much more tolerant later if you had angels at the start of the flight! Wait for your children to ask you to occupy them to take out the first games, books, etc.; and only release them one after the other so that there is something new for as long as possible.

After your plane lands, beware of the pressure problem in your children’s ears again. Be the last to get out of the plane and let your children play, it will be easier to group together all the games that will be scattered around your seats.

When you arrive at the airport, have everything you are going to need on hand such as money, address of your future hotel or your next stop or do you share the task: one who will book a taxi, a bus, quietly without having to worry about where your child is running.