Silver card: Your access to the best rewards and higher levels of the Alfursan loyalty program

The Alfursan program is divided into three levels: blue, silver and gold. Silver status is available once you successfully accumulate 25,000 Elite miles or make 20 ticket reservations to fly on international routes during a calendar year.

The services provided include collecting miles and obtaining award tickets, as well as upgrading the travel class and increasing the free weight of luggage, waiting for flights in the golden room reserved for passengers and passengers first class and business, in addition to giving priority to waiting lists and other services. It is possible to join the program by filling out the membership application form or through the Saudi Airlines website.

And to keep and maintain this status, you will need to have 20,000 miles in your account at the end of each year (or travel on 15 international flights)

Example: The upgrade is done in June 2020, so the status is kept until the end of December 2021.
A card that unlocks essential benefits of the Al Fursan program;

The higher you reach a level, the more significant benefits you gain. Silver status allows you:

– Access and rest in the Saudia lounges before each departure;

– Benefit from a special baggage handling and transport service when traveling in Business class;

– Easy and fast check-in from a dedicated counter (by reserving a seat in Business class);

– Carry an additional item in the hold (in addition to the excess included in the reserved ticket);

– Select and choose a seat free of charge;

– Board before passengers with the Blue Card, or those who are not subscribed to the Al Fursan program;

– Be a priority if you are ever on the waiting list;

– Earn bonus miles (+ 25% of the miles awarded when purchasing a service).

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