Contact the offices of Saudia in Muscat

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  1. Hello gents,
    I have booked a flight from muscat to Algiers on October 3. However, i won’t be able to fly and I want to get a refund for it.
    Would you please check and revert back on the process, I have seen that your office is in muscat but I’m currently in Ibri. So it will be great if we can do it remotely please.
    Looking forward to hearing from you the soonest.

    Kind regards

  2. Dear respected team,

    We have booked group for group fare MCt – JED and traveled for Umrah
    There was access baggage which was not used due to cancelation. I appreciate if you guide us about the refund process.

    Note : ticket can be attached

    Tkt no. 0564204085067 1.

    Booking ref: M4PDX1

    Pax name. MRS Sharifa Al Rawahi.

    I am Mustafa writing on behalf as the baggage booked with my name

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