Flynas Premium: The advantage of the business class

Flynas has introduced a new private cabin on its medium and long-haul flights

Located between the Business and Economy cabins: the Premium Voyageur, a cabin that will gradually be available on the entire international long-haul network served by its Airbus A320CEOs.

This class can have several names, depending on the airline (Economy Plus, Economy Premium, Economy privilege, Comfort Plus, Big Front Seat, etc.) but the concept is the same. This is a level that falls between business class and economy class. These are special rows dedicated to this class, with a few more advantages than normal seats.

Still, what makes it all confusing is that each airline offers different benefits in their premium economy class (like in business class and first in fact, again it varies a lot).

At a minimum, it always includes more legroom, that's the basic premise. Sometimes the seat is wider too (or in the case of WestJet, the middle seat is blocked, so more elbow room).

Sometimes it comes with priority boarding, sometimes with baggage allowances higher than economy, food, etc. In short, it gives you a little more privileges than the normal economy class. But still less than the business class.

Customers can now reserve and purchase their seat in this new Premium Voyageur cabin. The first destinations available will be domestic cities besides New York-JFK, Tokyo and Osaka, internationally.

In addition to the basic services of a Business ticket, passengers will be offered free products such as a welcome kit, a touch screen tablet for watching movies or a meal from a Michelin-starred chef will be offered, but nothing very luxurious. On board the A320, the seats do not tilt completely horizontally. A few degrees less tilt to save space and put more seats on the plane: 74 in total. Flynas offers its passengers a cheaper and more profitable business class.

Much cheaper than the competition

It is a product that is extremely expensive, on which the large alliances make considerable margins, and therefore on which there is margin, there is room for a player who will be able to offer suitable prices, and therefore the Saudi Arabian company aims to be profitable, in a short time while offering its passengers

The Flynas Premium Voyageur is characterized by 40% more space: on average, 22 Premium Voyageur seats will be available in a space previously occupied by 40 seats in the Economy cabin.

The new seat specially designed and placed on the aircraft of the Saudi company has a fixed shell that preserves everyone's privacy. The seat is wide, 48 cm, and the inclination of the backrest is significant, 123 °.

The spacing between the seats is 97 cm. The equipment will not be left out: an individual 26 cm video screen, a travel kit, a bottle of water, noise-reducing headphones, a feather cushion or even a pure new wool blanket will be available. passengers.

Business class inspired service at the airport

In this mid-size cabin range, Flynas is one of the few Arabian airlines to offer fixed shell seats, offering so much legroom.

Advantage and services at the airport

A service inspired by the Business class: priority check-in counters, free baggage allowance of 30 kg, convenient boarding and priority baggage delivery.

For SkyTeam loyalty program members, a full price ticket in the Premium Voyageur cabin (modifiable, refundable, etc.) will earn extra miles compared to the same full price ticket in the Economy cabin.

The arrival of Premium Economy class is also an opportunity to change the brands of the cabins that will be gradually introduced on Flynas flights. The names will be harmonized between long haul, medium haul and short haul.