naSmiles: A program that brings lots of benefits and rewards

Nasmiles, the loyalty program launched by the airline Flynas to reward its customers for their loyalty, now has more than thousands of subscribers. It is deployed on its network, and accessible to all.

Members of this program benefit from several advantages in terms of services. They can collect points to get free tickets. In particular, they can change unlimited flights free of charge and change the name of a ticket free of charge several times a year.

Nasmiles is based on the accumulation of points based on spending: the passenger can accumulate points not only by booking flights, but also by purchasing additional services. Every dollar / riyal spent earns points when purchasing flights or baggage allowance, or making a choice of meals, seats, travel insurance or airport services. Registration for the loyalty program is obviously free.

Program registration

To join this program, it is necessary to register online by filling out this form
For the use of points, there are no fine prints or ambiguous conditions: subscribers can use them even during peak season, holidays and special promotions. Their points can be redeemed for flights or additional services throughout the year. No need to wait until you have all the points required to purchase a flight: the customer can use the Points + Cash option at any time to purchase additional services such as choice of meals or seats, travel insurance , airport services or pay for the next flight.

To earn miles, you either have to travel any class or make other expenses with the Saudi airline to be rewarded
Fly to Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai or Paris? Your choice of destinations with this operator is unlimited to collect Smiles and redeem for services or even free travel on board its planes.

Collect miles points

Once registered, and his application for membership is accepted, the customer can start earning Smiles by booking a flight, choosing a seat or a meal, buying baggage supplements online or at the airport, etc. , he just needs to add his membership number for each payment transaction made on his website, or communicate it to the agent at the airport or at airports.

The number of points awarded to the subscriber is determined according to his status, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Claim mileage points (Smiles) for old bookings

Forgot to enter your Nasmiles membership code when booking a plane ticket or any purchase you made with Flynas? Don't worry because the Saudi Arabian carrier gives you the opportunity to correct the mistake and collect the earned points.

You can recover your miles for any expenses made during the previous ninety days, and the miles will be credited to your account within seven days of the date you submit your request.

Flynas rewards you when you travel with your family

If you are traveling with a large number of people (as a family), the Flynas program gives you the option of making a single membership and combining miles into one account. Up to 8 members can merge their miles and thus be able to increase their points and convert them into various services including free travel on Flynas aircraft.

The Saudi Arabian company also allows each family member traveling or spending alone to earn miles that will be credited to their personal account as well as to the family account.

Join the Nasmiles Family

The first step is to log into your subscriber account, then click on the Family Account tab. Then, you must check the box determining that you have accepted the general conditions to access the program and then click on the Start Now button.

You can then click on Invite to add the number of your family members, then your registration will be done and your account will be created with one click.

By creating your account, you can verify that your accumulated balance on your particular account is added to the new Family Account.

Redeem and use mileage points

To benefit and start redeeming points for (free) award tickets and all other products marketed by Flynas, your balance must be at least 100 Smiles.

You earn 1 Smiles point for every 1 Saudi Riyal spent.

Access Flynas airport lounges using your Smiles

Airport lounges or lounges are a coveted haven in the bustling activity of crowded terminals.
They are theoretically reserved for VIP travelers, therefore those who travel in first, business class or even premium economy.

Frequent travelers with Nasmiles Gold or Platinum cards have access to it.

Obviously, access to these lounges is not given but if you have a long stopover, you are early or your flight is late, it can really be worth it to offer yourself a little comfort far from the terminals congested with Wifi and comfortable armchairs.

Flyanas allows its passengers, members of the Nasmiles frequent flyer program, to access its lounges at King Khalid domestic airports in Riyadh and King Fahd.