EgyptAir hopes to operate flights to Saudi Arabia as soon as possible

Hassan Mounir, deputy director of the holding company of EgyptAir, said that EgyptAir’s flights to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait account for around 37% of the company’s operating volume, indicating that when those flights return to this than they were before the Corona pandemic, they will represent a significant recovery in the company’s revenue and operating volume.

Mounir explained in press statements that he does not expect flights to return to Saudi Arabia before January 2022, expressing his hope that EgyptAir will be able at that time to obtain approval to organize Umrah trips.

He said that EgyptAir flights to Kuwait are no longer in their previous form until now, as EgyptAir organizes one flight per day between Cairo and Kuwait, which is a very low operation, noting that EgyptAir flights to both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia represent 37% of the company’s operating volume.

He pointed out that the establishment of a low-cost airline is being studied, but it will not be an independent company, but will be in the form of a sector affiliated with EgyptAir.