EgyptAir sets the conditions for its customers to travel to Saudi Arabia

EgyptAir announced the possibility of traveling to Saudi Arabia, starting from the first of September, for those who received a single dose of the vaccination inside Saudi Arabia.

She pointed out, through the call center for her clients traveling to Saudi Arabia, that it is possible to travel directly to Saudi Arabia for those who meet the following conditions: – Those who received two doses inside Saudi Arabia.

Whoever received one dose and was infected with the virus and has a history of recovery, and it was registered with the application of our trust and my health and proven. Children under 18 and accompanied by their vaccinated parent with two doses.

EgyptAir operates its flights to Saudi Arabia for each of the following points: “Jeddah, Madinah, Riyadh, Dammam and Qassim.” To know the travel requirements and the categories allowed to travel to and from Saudi Arabia, please visit the website.

And Saudi Arabia had lifted the suspension of direct entry to it from the countries from which it was suspended for residents, including Egypt, who received two doses of the Corona vaccine inside Saudi Arabia before leaving it, and allowing them to return to it directly with the application of all the precautionary measures adopted.