Egyptair announces date of resumption of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is fast approaching

A new development occurred in the document for the return of aviation between the State of Egypt and the State of Saudi Arabia, as it was before the decision of the State of Saudi Arabia in the previous month of February regarding the temporary suspension of the entry of Egyptians to Saudi Arabia due to the spread of the Corona virus, the Saudi General Authority for Civil Aviation issued a circular decision to all airlines Operating in Saudi airports, including private aviation, by opening direct pilots to all faculty members and all second categories of workers in the public and private educational system to Saudi Arabia from Egypt and all countries from which travel to the Asian country is suspended.

Sources in EgyptAir announced the decision of the State of Saudi Arabia that the return of air traffic between the State of Saudi Arabia and the State of Egypt is approaching to the normal situation, especially that the Makran has been opened to all Egyptian teaching members, including universities, colleges and institutes, in addition to Egyptian teachers and teachers in a system of public education, and the Egyptians present in the training body In the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training and Training Institutes to travel directly to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The source added that Egyptian workers and their families will be subject to institutional quarantine upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia, and in the event that they do not receive any of the two doses of vaccines in Saudi Arabia, they will be excluded from the institutional quarantine period. In Saudi Arabia If you received a dose or completed a dose of the vaccine in Saudi Arabia, you can do so in Saudi Arabia.

Egyptair indicated that airlines operating between Egypt and the Kingdom can now transport Egyptian teachers to Saudi lands even if they do not have a vaccine approved by the Kingdom, and indicated that three categories were excluded from Saudi Arabia’s decision to temporarily stop in February last year, the Egyptians entered their land. They are Egyptians and their families working in the Saudi health sector, Egyptian workers receiving two doses of the vaccine in the Kingdom, and finally workers in the Saudi education sector.

Departments, in the event that they did not receive any anti-Coronavirus vaccines or obtain unapproved vaccines, are allowed to go directly to the Kingdom during the period of institutional isolation.