Saudi Arabia amends the date of permitting travel and opening airports completely

The Saudi authorities announced, this evening, Thursday, the amendment of the date of permission for travel and the opening of the Kingdom’s airports completely.

According to the Saudi newspaper “Okaz”, the General Authority of Civil Aviation announced the amendment of the date for allowing Saudi citizens to travel abroad, lifting the suspension of international flights completely, and opening the kingdom’s airports.

The newspaper stated that according to the amendment, the new date will start at one o’clock on Monday 5/10/1442 Hijri, corresponding to 05/17/2021.

Where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set a date for the resumption of air demonstrations and train traffic, in addition to the return of efforts in public and private sector institutions.

Hence, defeated, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia set, next Sunday, a time for the resumption of air marches and train traffic, in addition to the resumption of work in public and private sector institutions.

In turn, he lost, the original news agency (SPA) quoted the Civil Aviation Authority as saying that it has completed its operational preparations to lift the suspension of domestic air marches in a steady manner, starting from next Sunday, and therefore through national air carriers.

In that path was defeated, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Civil Aviation Association added that the resumption of the marches would be at intervals, to include all local destinations for two weeks.

On a previous occasion, the authority stated that the first phase includes the operation of 11 airports, including King Khalid International Airport in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, and Dhul-Nyafa Airport of His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International in Madinah. “.

In turn, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, suspended internal aviation demonstrations on March 21 during the crisis phase of the emerging Covid 19 virus (Covid 19), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the Kingdom of Saudi Railways to resume work on Sunday.

The Saudi Minister of Human Resources, Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, announced, on Tuesday, the return of employees of official companies, and this is on an upward trend, starting from Sunday, and Al-Rajhi said that the return of the employees of the original companies will be on Sunday with an amount of not less than 50% of the employees of each institution, in When the percentage of people returning to their workplace is not less than 75% on June 7 next.

This comes as the return of all employees will be completed on Sunday, June 14, confirming the implementation of a flexible attendance and departure approach, as well as the procedures for private sector companies.

Last Sunday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the end of the preventive measures related to the spread of the new Covid 19 virus, mutant and emerging in a large number of countries, to suspend all international air marches for travelers and allow them to enter the ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by land and sea.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia News Agency also quoted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from an official source in the Ministry of Interior that it is necessary to enter the healthy brick for a period of 14 days for non-citizens coming from the United Kingdom and South Africa and from any other country determined by the Ministry of Health in which the new mutated type of the emerging corona virus is spread. With the act of testing (PCR) after the expiration of this stage, confirming that those coming from the bruise are free from the emerging Covid 19 virus (Covid 19).

In addition to that, the isolation of citizens who are allowed to enter the Kingdom under humanitarian and necessary conditions (from countries where the mutant new Corona virus is spread) in their homes will be canceled for a period of (14) days through my PCR report. It must not pass 48 hours. The second time was on the thirteenth day before the end of the stone.

Regarding countries that have recorded cases of strains of (B1, 1, 7), isolation of strains from them at home will end their monitoring for a period of (7) days, and the procedure of the PCR examination will be completed before the expiration of the sanitary brick. Period on the sixth day.

Regarding other countries / regions, the current act is (7) days of isolation at home or (3) days of home isolation, and laboratory tests using (PCR) technology.

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