The date of the opening of Saudia again and the resumption of international flights

The search has increased over the past few days regarding the opening dates of the Saudi aviation, its return to work again, and the resumption of international flights between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries, as many citizens expect to travel to other countries, whether for work, study, or entertainment. It was activated for the past months before it was stopped again after the new series of the Corona epidemic spread in the world again, and the Saudi government confirmed that no person would enter the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through land or air travel for a temporary period, and it also announced the suspension of some flights. To the European countries in which the new strain of the virus has spread, but the Kingdom’s government has excluded the movement of transporting goods from some countries where the mutated virus has not appeared, according to standards and mechanisms set by the Ministry of Health in agreement with the Ministry of Transport.

Some decisions by the Saudi government came about the dates for opening flights again, after taking the necessary precautions at Saudi airports, and some media outlets and newspapers announced the opening dates for flights in the Kingdom at the end of next March, while taking all preventive measures that would It protects all citizens and expatriates, and although the Kingdom’s Ministry of Aviation has not officially disclosed the deadline for the return of flights, many sources have confirmed that the airline’s resumption is approaching again, whether for citizens wishing to travel abroad or for expatriates who were prevented from entering the territories Saudi Arabia during the last period, with an assurance that it will return with taking the precautionary measures and conditions set by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread and spread of the epidemic in the Kingdom.