Saudi Airlines reveals the details of issuing the boarding pass from the departure time of the flight

Saudi Airlines revealed the details related to the issuance of the boarding pass into the cabin of the plane, from the date of the departure of the flight through its airlines, especially with the approaching dates related to the opening of the international flight, after the suspension process that lasted for more than a month, as it suspended international flights on March 15. The past, in light of the repercussions of infection with the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, and this came during her response to a customer’s question on the social platform “Twitter”.

The company indicated in its official response to a question and inquiry of one of its followers, where his question came as follows: Peace be upon you. You booked an appointment and you could not issue a boarding pass to the plane cabin, although the reservation was confirmed on the official website of Saudi Airlines, what is the problem? ». Has the boarding pass been issued ?, and where can you find it?».

The response from Saudi Airlines came, in response to the follower’s inquiry, that the boarding pass can be issued for the plane within 48 hours and up to an hour, from the flight departure time.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Airlines Company indicated in a statement yesterday that, in accordance with the recent directives from the authorities regarding the decision, international flights will be opened, based on the recent discussions of the General Organization for Airlines in Saudi Arabia, headed by the Minister of Transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saleh Al-Jasser, Putting the last frills of opening Saudi international flights next month.

The council discussed a number of thorny issues related to the strategies of the corporation and all relevant agencies in the Kingdom, reports on aviation performance and developments in the development and improvement of Saudi aircraft services.

For his part, the Minister of Transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that all security and medical agencies in the Kingdom are working in full swing to preserve the public health of citizens and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, indicating at the same time advanced thanks to the executive management institutions and their employees, for the efforts made during the recent period, as These included the continuation of the operations of domestic flights, while taking care to apply all medical safety and precautionary measures, to limit the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), to preserve public health for everyone.