Saudia operates a direct flight between Paris and Alula

To go to Saudi Arabia to visit the unique AlUla site, a direct flight has been set up by the Saudia company from Paris. This new airline will allow French travelers and those coming from neighboring countries to be among the first to visit this extraordinary region. The world-renowned heritage destination – arguably the largest archaeological program in the world today – also offers remarkable nature and cultural experiences to discover exceptional landscapes.

Philip Jones, Managing Director of Destinations and Marketing, says: “This is indeed a historic moment for AlUla. This is a giant step towards realizing our ambitions, which are to share our history and our magnificent destination with the world. We know that the French are intrepid travelers, eager to be the first to discover new experiences. We are delighted to be working with Saudia to host Europe’s first direct flight to AlUla and hope that many Europeans will take the opportunity to experience our heritage sites and perhaps take part in some of our winter events, as flights will continue until March 27.”

Winter events season is in full swing at AlUla, with four major festivals on offer through the end of March 2022, as part of the “AlUla Moments” events: Winter at Tantora, AlUla Arts, AlUla Skies and AlUla Wellness.