Saudia highlights new travel requirements

International flights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have highlighted the requirements for travel through their airlines, with the accumulation of search engines on the Internet and social media platforms, in recent weeks with the dates for resuming the Kingdom’s foreign air movement, and we will monitor for you in the following lines, the last requirements revealed by Saudi Airlines International, for travel via Saudi International Airlines, and the date for reopening and resuming foreign flights again 2021.

Saudi Arabia’s “external” international flight for travelers from Egypt, the Emirates and Lebanon

The competent authorities inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suspended the movement and international flights in Saudi Arabia, after the outbreak of the Corona virus at the beginning of last year 2020, and in many countries of the world, and after that the Kingdom re-opened and reopened Saudi International Airlines, but it recently returned and decided to close foreign flights. Saudi Arabia again, after the emergence of the advanced type of “Covid-19” virus, in Corona Africa.

And the Saudi Ministry of Interior stated, in a statement, that international flights to fly in Saudi Arabia are wide open for a number of exceptional categories of travel, according to a number of conditions set by the airlines in the Kingdom.