Saudia – Hajj: A free phone line to keep in touch with pilgrims

Saudi Airlines recently released several instructions for those coming to perform Hajj rituals this year. These instructions are essential for the pilgrimage to go smoothly. With the blessed date of Eid al-Adha fast approaching, pilgrims are already flocking to the Holy Places of Islam.

One of the most important instructions issued by Saudi Airlines is the inclusion in the reservation file of the receipt, telephone and address of the group supervisor in Makkah and Madinah. This information is essential for pilgrims to contact their group supervisor in the event of an emergency or any issues related to their travel or accommodation. By including this information in the reservation file, Saudi Airlines allows pilgrims to stay in touch with their group and avoid any potential problems.

Another important instruction issued by Saudi Airlines is the ability to inquire about Saudi Airlines reservations by ticket number through its website or file a complaint and point out its instructions to pilgrims. This mechanism allows pilgrims to easily contact the airline if they encounter any problems during their journey. It also allows them to provide feedback and suggestions to improve the Hajj pilgrimage experience for future pilgrims.

For any additional information on this subject, Saudia invites you to use one of the following channels:

– Phone: +966126861010 (Free),

– Fax: +966148479480 (Toll Free),

– Email:,

– Postal Address: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, P.O. Box 24724, Jeddah 21446.