Saudi Airlines frees local women as flight attendants

A rule change and developments in women’s rights have taken place in Saudi Arabia, which now allows its women to become flight attendants.

The measure was initiated by the country’s own airline, Saudia – Saudi Arabian Airlines, which has a fleet of more than 150 planes, but which had no Saudi flight attendants on its crew, only foreigners.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the company has already opened vacancies on its website and is looking for women between the ages of 20 and 30, with English required and “weight proportional to height in accordance with Saudi standards, although this is not is not clearly specified. these standards.

In Saudi Arabia, women have historically been prohibited from working in the sales and service industries, primarily as stewards, who are considered “maids” in the country.

Despite prejudices, Saudi society considers serving others to be very humiliating for a woman, who should be limited to serving her family.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has opened up, increasing the rights of women, who can now also travel abroad without their husbands’ permission, which is essential in the third most profitable airline in the Middle -Orient, behind the neighboring company Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways.