Saudia: Four additional flights between Jeddah and London this winter

Saudi Airlines announced the increase in the number of flights to London from Jeddah. And the Saudi carrier will add four flights to its itinerary towards the British capital. From this week, it will be able to organize 14 flights every week towards the European destination.

Saudi Airlines announced this news in an official statement published on its website, where it attributed the credit to the great efforts of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who did not fail to combat the Corona pandemic, which violated the Saudi Airlines flight program and caused the cancellation of thousands of its flights to various countries. the world, including London.

Immediately after announcing the news, Saudi Airlines replaced its plane used to organize flights to London, where it usually uses B787 planes, but now it will use B777 planes, which have a greater number of seats, as the Saudi carrier will be able to save approximately From a thousand seats a week in order to travel between Jeddah and London.