Flights to United Arab Emirates: Saudia imposes new restrictions on passengers

Saudi Airlines revealed that citizens wishing to travel to the UAE are not allowed to enter with a national identity.

In detail, the airlines confirmed, through its official account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, that Gulf Cooperation Council citizens traveling to the UAE are allowed to enter with a passport only.

Saudi Airlines said that citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries traveling to the United Arab Emirates are permitted to enter with their passport only, as no guest holding a national identity card will be accepted.

On the other hand, the lines clarified that, based on the directives of the competent authority, entry to the airport, the check-in area, and the aircraft entry area will only be allowed through the digital ID and the use of the “Tawakolna” application, and that the health status in the application is protected / not proven to be infected.

Saudi Airlines had previously launched a guide explaining travel requirements to all parts of the world, which is updated daily on its official website.

The travel requirements in most of the countries in the world that are permitted to travel included, for the traveler to obtain a pcr examination with a negative result 48 hours before the travel date for some countries, while other countries required an examination 72 hours before the travel date, in addition to the obligation to quarantine imposed by some countries.

The airline called on travelers to the countries permitted to travel on its plane to review the requirements it has set through its official website, by reviewing the country and the basic requirements for travel.