Flights to and from Egypt: Saudi Arabia imposes new restrictions

According to the decision of the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first direct flights to Egypt to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announcing the opening of direct flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia without the need to spend 14 days abroad, with the implementation of institutional quarantine for a period of (5) days and without the need for transportation This applies to residents and non-residents of residents and visits.

Previously, the conditions for entry into Saudi Arabia were imposed on non-residents from Egypt and the need to travel to a third country as a stopover for the day of entry from Egypt and to be in institutional quarantine in that country, with subsequent transfer to the Kingdom, and the new one is also subject to institutional quarantine, as well About the implementation of all precautionary measures that preserve the health and safety of citizens throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as requested by the World Health Organization.

An institutional quarantine in a third country and in the Kingdom was also one of the most important conditions for travel to Saudi Arabia, which applies to all arrivals from Egypt, regardless of whether the traveler is a resident or not.

As Egypt was among the countries that decided the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to suspend flights from the Air Force, it is directly with it due to the precautionary measures against the Corona virus, and these restrictions changed after the stabilization of the epidemiological situation in these countries.