Saudi Airlines crowned the most advanced in the world for 2021, according to Skytrax

A global company specializing in the classification of airlines announced that Arab airlines were awarded the title of the most advanced in the world for the year 2021.

According to what was announced by “Skytrax”, today, Tuesday, Saudi Airlines is the most advanced airline in the world for the year 2021.

This is the second time that Saudi Arabia has won this award since 2017. That year, Saudi Airlines impressively jumped from 82nd to 51st place, an improvement of 40%, according to the official Saudi Airlines website in English.

However, this year, Saudi Airlines has improved by an astounding 55% and is now 26th in the Skytrax rankings of global airlines.

The award reinforces the position of Saudi Airlines as a large-scale global carrier, which is constantly working to innovate its services on board.

Receiving this award “reflects the dedication to improving quality and performance in the various award categories, including cabin crew, food and beverage, and in-flight entertainment,” according to the same source.

With a route network of more than 95 destinations and a fleet of 145 aircraft – Saudi Arabian Airlines operates one of the youngest fleets in the world.

For his part, Director General of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Ibrahim Al-Omar, said: “It is a great honor to receive this award on behalf of the entire team of Saudi Arabian Airlines, who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to striving to achieve the highest standards globally – from health and safety to product and expertise. “.

In turn, Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, said: “Saudi Arabian Airlines continues to enhance its global standing and attractiveness among customers. Apart from the overall improvement in the main survey, the airline performed well in many other survey sections taken in the survey. consideration for this award.

He added, “It is a great achievement for Saudi Arabia to be ranked as the most advanced airline in the world. Customers certainly recognize this improvement through the overall passenger experience.”

It is worth noting that more than a hundred nationalities of customers participated in the survey, where the 2021 awards were based on 13.42 million eligible participation in the survey that were counted in the final results.

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