Contact the offices of Saudia in Yanbu

Saudia Airlines travel agency (booking) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

KSA - Yanbu

Office#1 - ATO: Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Abdulaziz Airport OFFICE
Address : Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Abdulaziz Airport
All days (0600 to 0000 local time)
Reservation Tel : +966 920022222

KSA - Yanbu Alsinaiyah

Office#1 - Alsinaiyah
Address : GSA Attar
Reservation Tel : 3211211

Office#2 - Alsinaiyah
Address : Samar Agency
Reservation Tel : 3961853

Office#3 - Alsinaiyah
Address : Ace Travel Agency
Reservation Tel : 3210551

KSA - Yunbu Albahr

Office#1 - Yunbu Albahr
Address : GSA Alzouman Aviation
Reservation Tel : 3227369

Office#2 - Yunbu Albahr
Address : Al Zamil Agency
Reservation Tel : 3223972

Office#3 - Yunbu Albahr
Address : Farnas Agency
Reservation Tel : 3224841

One Comment on “Contact the offices of Saudia in Yanbu”

  1. Hi good day

    I am having Pakistani passport and I have a UK ( Great Britain) university student visa. I would like to travel to the UK via Saudi Arabia can I get a transit visa of 92 hours?

    My flight from Lahore to Jeddah is from Saudi Airlines and Jeddah to London is Turkish Airways.

    Please specify the criteria to get 92 hours of transit

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