Saudi Arabia: 61 Flights From Cairo Airport In One Day

Cairo International Airport is working through Friday 61 flights to Saudi Arabia, taking 3,912 passengers of various nationalities, not adding any Islamic nationwide, a source in the airport stated.

Saudi Arabia, determined, a week to suspend flights to and out of your Kingdom in fear of the spread of a fresh COVID-19 strain.

On December 21, flights into and from Saudi Arabia were frozen for a week, based on a EgyptAir tweet.

“Per the directions issued from the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation, all arriving and departing international flights [by Saudia Arabia] were suspended because of Monday Dec. 21, 2020,”” the discussion mentioned.

On Monday, EgyptAir declared operating quite a few flights out of Saudi Arabia into Cairo at Tuesday, December 29, in agreement with the newest travel directions declared by the Kingdom’s government.

Considering that mid-August, non-Egyptians coming at Cairo International Airport are required to deliver the end result of the PCR evaluation to be permitted in the nation.

International flights out and to Egypt were suspended from March but declared in July, 2020. During this span, tens of thousands of thousands of Egyptians have been repatriated from EgyptAir and affiliate sponsors.