Flynas joins the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Flynas has just joined the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), according to an official communication relayed by the Saudi Press Agency.

This integration within an organization bringing together more than five hundred diverse companies around the world raises the crucial question of the advantages that the Saudi low-cost airline could derive from this affiliation. By joining this global tourism organization, the company opens itself to multiple opportunities and potential collaborations.

First, this membership provides Flynas with a unique platform to establish strategic partnerships with other members of the organization. This collaboration can take different forms, ranging from establishing operational synergies to joint initiatives aimed at boosting the tourism sector globally.

Additionally, as an affiliate member, Flynas can benefit from privileged access to information and resources shared by the World Tourism Organization. This increased connection with trends, developments and best practices in the tourism sector can be valuable to the Saudi carrier, allowing it to stay at the forefront of the industry and better meet the changing expectations of its customers.

Finally, this membership allows Flynas to benefit from increased visibility on the international scene. By being associated with such a prestigious international organization, the Saudi company can strengthen its reputation and credibility in the global tourism market, attracting the attention of potential new partners and travelers around the world.