Flynas: The 1st of 18 A320neos ordered has just joined its fleet

Flynas, Saudi Arabia’s first low-cost airline, has added its first Airbus A320neo to its fleet as part of a plan to expand its operations. The addition of the new aircraft marks the Saudi Arabian low-cost carrier’s continued efforts for growth and sustainability.

Flynas, the pioneering low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia, recently announced that it has expanded its fleet by adding an Airbus A320neo. One of the nineteen aircraft to join its fleet in 2023. This marks a major step in its development.

The A320neos offer improved fuel efficiency, reduced cabin noise and reduced emissions. This delivery will mark a significant shift in the roadmap towards the modernization of the fleet of narrow-body aircraft operated by Flynas over the next few years.

The planes will be equipped with CFM Leap engines and Sharklets, providing up to 15% fuel savings for spectators. In addition, each aircraft can accommodate 174 passengers in one class (Economy)

The aircraft are expected to help reduce delays on multiple routes while improving safety with increased flight range that allows flynas flights to cover longer distances compared to previous aircraft models used by flynas previously.

This acquisition is part of Flynas’ vision to become one of the leading airlines in the region – both in terms of passenger experience and quality of service. With this expansion, Flynas also aims to open up new destinations outside the Gulf network as well as attract more travelers willing to opt for the low cost fares and packages compared to other airlines operating in the region like Emirates. , Qatar Aviation and Etihad Airways.

Flynas plans to take delivery of another eighteen aircraft by the end of 2023.