Flydubai expands its offering in Saudi Arabia

In a bold and visionary expansion, Flydubai recently unveiled its plans for the upcoming summer season, promising to open the sky’s gates to previously unexplored horizons. With the majesty of the desert as a backdrop, the airline announced the launch of flight services to two little-known gems of Saudi Arabia: Al Jouf and Hanak (Tabuk), starting April 18.

Taking off from Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport (DXB), Flydubai is committed to operating two weekly flights to these destinations, promising travelers an unparalleled opportunity to explore lesser-known, but brimming, Saudi territories of potential. These flights are not simple journeys; they are air bridges between the dynamism of Dubai and the centuries-old authenticity of Saudi Arabia, offering travelers a unique chance to discover the splendor and diversity of this region.

Hamad Obaidalla, Commercial Director of Flydubai, expressed his joy at this novelty, emphasizing that these new routes fit perfectly into the company’s expansion program through its Dubai hub. This expansion is not just geographic growth; it represents a vision, that of a more connected world, where each shared destination enriches our mutual understanding and celebrates our diversity.