Flyadeal: Almost 50% of its employees are women

As the Saudi aviation market becomes increasingly competitive, flyadeal, a low cost airline owned by the Saudi government, is striving to expand and diversify its workforce. The company has already hired more than 50% Saudi women in its staff and plans to continue hiring women in all aspects of the airline. The objective is to increase the number of female flight attendants and co-pilots to increase its capacity and reach a regional and international market.

The airline is focused on providing digital solutions to customers to make their travel experience more convenient. She is committed to hiring female cabin crew. The Saudi carrier aims to double its fleet by 2022. The company recently announced that it has hired women for key positions, including flight attendants, cabin crew and sales agents. This operator aims to double its fleet by 2022, and is committed to providing jobs to Saudi women citizens. In the past year alone, the company has created jobs for women in several sections and also supported efforts to locate pilot positions through a cadet program.

In addition to increasing its workforce, Flyadeal is also implementing economic reforms. By the end of 2020, the airline expects 30% of its staff to be women. She has also started to train female air traffic controllers, which will increase their skills and increase their opportunities.