Air India resumes operations on several routes serving Saudi Arabia

The Air India airline has announced that it has reopened its flights to Saudi Arabia from the end of the current month. The flights scheduled by the Indian national company will serve Jeddah, Riad and Al Dammam.

After the suspension of flights between India and Saudi Arabia for a long time due to the health problems that the country is going through and for fear of the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, India’s airlines have now announced the opening of flights between Saudi Arabia and India, and for this purpose, three destinations have been identified, which are flights to Jeddah, heading to Riyadh and then heading to Dammam. Flights will start operating from October 31, 2021.

The State of India has organized the way in which reservations for flights are made from India to the Kingdom and to the destinations that have been identified through a website for aviation in India and through well-known reservation offices and through authorized agents of airlines. India also specified the period of reservations, which will start from the day October 31, 2021 to March 26, 2022.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the State of India has issued several instructions for these flights to its airlines in this regard and ordered the full operation of capacity so that flights destined for the Kingdom can accommodate a large number of the Kingdom’s airports, as it announced starting on the 17th of
October 2021

The reasons why India opened its airlines with the Kingdom

There are reasons that made the State of India reopen its flights with the Kingdom, which is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia eased the measures it was taking for fear of the outbreak of the new Covid-19 virus, because during this period it made great progress in the process of immunizing citizens, so the number of people infected with this virus decreased, as it was imposed The Kingdom initially wore masks regularly, even in open places, but now it has decided not to impose the wearing of masks except in closed places. As for open places, the citizen is not obligated to wear the mask there.

The destinations to which Indian Airlines has directed its flights

Indian Airlines did not authorize the return of flights with Saudi Arabia, according to a statement, until after confirming that the Kingdom had eased the measures it had taken from the outbreak of the virus, and the civil aviation of India had organized the method of reservations, which would be made via a website and through agents approved by Air India.