VantageSOLO, Saudia’s new Business class for its A321XLRs

The new suite was designed by Safran Seats. The VantageSOLO suite features 44 inches of pitch for each seat, allowing passengers to recline comfortably and enjoy ample legroom during flight. The suite also includes a 17-inch HD screen, a personal e-reader and a USB charging port for electronic devices.

Unique features to enhance the in-flight experience

The VantageSOLO suite comes with several unique features intended to enhance the in-flight passenger experience. One of them is an adjustable privacy partition between each seat, which allows passengers to choose the level of privacy they want during the flight. The suite also includes personal storage space, which allows passengers to store their belongings safely and conveniently.

The new business suite is part of SAUDIA’s plan to provide its passengers with a more exceptional inflight experience. The airline has been working to improve its services and fleet over the past few years, and this new addition to its products is a step in that direction.

The aim is to provide a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience for its passengers and further promote its brand as a leading airline in the Middle East.