Saudia updates its aircraft fleet every 5 years

Saudi Airlines confirmed to the channel “Al Arabiya” that it updates its aircraft fleet every 5 years, explaining that this approach is part of a strategy that places the safety and security of passengers and crews. Saudia at the forefront of priorities.

In response to Al Arabiya’s question about Boeing planes, Saudi Airlines confirmed that the engine of its Boeing 777 is of a different type, different from the engine of the American plane, which suffered a malfunction.

It also confirmed that its aircraft fleet is constantly modernized, with the average age of the fleet being around 5 years, making it one of the most modern fleets in the region and the world, noting that all security measures for air transport are implemented. .

Diamond Class, for safety

Saudia has been awarded the highest “Diamond Class” rating for the world’s safest airlines, in the classification of the APEX organization, which specializes in measuring airline performance and service and their commitment to the highest safety and quality standards and their classification, based on the evaluation of millions of travelers around the world.

The global organization has conducted a comprehensive review of airline procedures in light of the global spread of the pandemic (Covid-19), measuring their compliance with precautionary measures and instructions, and providing whatever would allow to preserve the health and safety of travelers during these unprecedented circumstances, and as a result, the companies have been classified into three levels (Gold / Platinum / Diamond).

Saudia is on the Diamond List which includes the safest sanitary airlines in the world by applying the highest safety standards and preventative measures that provide safety and comfort to travelers.

The ranking of Saudi Airlines among the world leaders in the application of preventive health measures (Covid-19) is an affirmation of its commitment to precautionary measures locally and internationally, and its application of the highest health safety standards. on all of its services. and the travel procedures on its flights, through an internal guide prepared to face the pandemic which includes more than 50 precautionary measures to ensure the health safety of its customers and employees at all stages of travel and places of service .

Saudi Airlines’ distinguished assessment and classification among the safest airlines in the world is an important indicator in the context of the Kingdom’s excellence in managing the pandemic, following the decisions of the leaders and government of the Kingdom, in the management of the conditions of the pandemic at the health and economic level, and in accordance with the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the government agencies concerned. Through the crisis, and through it, it has succeeded in limiting its spread and reducing its rates.

It should be noted that Saudi Airlines, in addition to its commitment to precautionary measures, has been keen to provide primary protection and continuous sterilization of its aircraft after each flight, and has invested in the latest global technologies to achieve this, including UVC technology to sterilize. surfaces and walls, and HEPA filters to purify the air inside the aircraft by more than 99.7%, as well as SAUDIA gives each guest a gift that includes personal prevention and sterilization needs.