Travel documents: Tips from Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Airlines has issued a number of important tips and instructions for passengers on board related to travel documents that must be checked before starting the flight.

Saudi Airlines, through its official website, urged its customers and passengers on its airlines to adhere to the instructions.

Important instructions regarding travel documents

Saudi Airlines called on citizens, visitors and residents traveling on its planes, before heading to the airport and starting the flight, to make sure of the following instructions related to travel documents, as follows:

Ensure that your ticket is valid for travel to your destination.

– Ensure that your passport is valid and valid for at least six months from the date of the start of the trip until the return trip.
With regard to the Saudi passport, your passport must be valid for a period of no less than three months in the event of traveling to Arab countries, but in the case of travel to other countries, the remaining period of validity of the passport should be more than six months.
– Ensuring the integrity of the travel condition (passport / document / document) and noting that it is not exposed to “wet / tearing, even in some of its parts / scraping / writing / piercing.”
– In the case of accompanying children in the passport, it must be ensured that the companions are included in the visa, and in the case of traveling without the passport holder, it must be ensured that the destination country allows the entry of the companions without the passport holder if he is not traveling.
The necessary and required visas for some countries must be obtained, taking into account obtaining visas in a sufficient time from the date of travel, as obtaining them varies from one country to another and according to your nationality.
For citizens of the Cooperation Council countries, official travel documents allowed for travel between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: passport, taking into account the regulations and conditions of travel in those countries.
– Some countries require exit and return visas or transit visas, so you must review these requirements for countries before your travel, as well as make sure that the visa is valid (starting and end dates) and not using the previously granted visa, as some visas are restricted to a specific number of entry times.
– Make sure you carry your personal identification card (whether it is a mobile ID or a digital ID for the citizen) when you travel on domestic flights.
– You can issue your boarding pass online and on mobile for domestic and some selected international flights.
Please make sure that your passport and required visa are valid.
– In the event that you do not want to travel, you must contact the sales call center to cancel your reservation in order to allow others to travel, and to avoid any additional costs.
– You must ensure that your ticket is issued within the specified time limit in order to avoid cancellation of the reservation.
– Using the payment service to facilitate your travel procedures.
– You must make sure that there is a confirmed reservation for the flight and a mobile phone number.

Important procedures when arriving at the airport

Saudi Airlines clarified that the arrival of travelers to the airport early makes it easier for them to obtain adjacent seats for the family, and they must come to the airport at least two hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights, and three hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights departing from airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She added that if a special service is requested or a special treatment is required such as (unaccompanied children, passengers with disabilities, the elderly and families), the service requester must coordinate with Saudia employees at the airport to complete the necessary procedures to provide this service.

Saudi Airlines called on its customers and passengers on its planes to ask the competent employee about the passenger reception platform for the flight and to attend the queue to finish the inspection procedures (if the completion of travel procedures is limited to a specific platform).

And she urged Saudi Airlines, not to be generous with carrying things that do not belong to you, such as parcels or bags, because you do not know what is inside, which puts your safety and the safety of other passengers at risk.

Make sure all your bags are airtight, as loose and loose luggage is not accepted.

Flight closing time before departure

She pointed out that the closing date of all flights departing from the airports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one hour before the scheduled time of departure, adding that the electronic gates at the entrances to the internal departure halls are closed at the time of the flight closing.

Saudi Airlines clarified that the time to close the boarding gates for all flights (20 minutes before the scheduled time for take-off).

Saudi Airlines added that the checked baggage of the checked guests is accepted within 6 hours of the scheduled departure time of the flight as a maximum, noting that the last date for accepting the checked baggage is the flight closing time, which is 60 minutes from the flight departure time for all flights.