Skytrax 2023: Saudia improves its ranking

Skytrax, the airline ratings and rankings organization, recently released its new ranking of air carriers operating worldwide, in which Saudia made a strong jump to 23rd place, gaining eleven places from in the previous classification.

Better quality of service

Saudi Arabia’s national airline has significantly improved the quality of its service in recent years, with well-trained flight crews and exemplary customer service. This improvement was noticed by passengers, who noted a significant improvement in the travel experience with Saudia. Passengers appreciated the focus on customer satisfaction and Saudia’s efforts to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Investment in new technologies

Saudia has also invested in new technologies to improve the travel experience of its passengers. The airline has introduced innovative services such as self-service kiosks, user-friendly mobile apps and in-seat screens to deliver an exceptional in-flight entertainment experience. Passengers appreciated these new services and noted that Saudia was at the forefront of innovation in the aviation sector.

Improvement of the aircraft fleet

Saudia has also invested in a modern and efficient aircraft fleet, which has significantly improved passenger safety and comfort. Saudia’s new aircraft are equipped with the latest technology, providing a more enjoyable and safer flight experience. Passengers have noted a marked improvement in comfort and the overall quality of the Saudia flight experience.