Saudia organizes charter flights for the transport of pilgrims

Saudia intends to operate fourteen devices to provide hundreds of frequencies to transport pilgrims to the holy places of Islam for Hajj.

In fact, there are more than two hundred and sixty eight charter flights in total, which will be operated by the Saudi carrier, programs to airports around the world, in addition to thirty two connections connecting the country’s domestic airports throughout the pilgrimage season. These flights will be served between July and July 12.

The Saudi Arabian carrier uses its aircraft of type A330-300 to operate flights between Jeddah and Medina, while its B747-400s will be deployed to destinations in Indonesia and India.

The flights will be managed by a company belonging to Saudia, dedicated to the organization of charter flights during the season of pilgrimage. It also serves flights all year round to transport passengers wishing to go to Medina to do La OMRA.