Saudia is the airline company receiving the smallest claim for reimbursement in April

The General Authority of Civil Aviation announced that Saudi Airlines was the sector’s least-received of complaints during the month of April.

This came according to the index for the classification of air transport and airport service providers for the month of April, issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation, today, Wednesday, according to a press release.

The authority indicated that the total number of complaints lodged by passengers on air carriers during last April amounted to 276 complaints, and the index monitored that Saudi Airlines came as the least airline company with three complaints for every 100,000 passengers, and a complaint treatment rate on time for the month of April reached 75% .

While flynas came second, with 12 complaints per 100,000 passengers during the past month, with a timely complaint handling rate of 92 percent.

And flyadeal came third, as the number of complaints reached 43 for every 100,000 passengers, and a timely response rate of 77 percent.

The most popular complaints classifications for the month of April were about refunding tickets first, then canceling flights, then delaying flights.

The authority explained that the airport service provider index indicated that King Fahd International Airport in Dammam had the lowest airports in terms of complaints submitted to the authority for every 100,000 passengers in the index during the month of April, with one complaint and a timely complaint processing rate of 67 percent.

Meanwhile, King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh came in second, with one complaint per 100,000 passengers filed at the airport, and it was closed at a rate of 67 percent.

Abha International Airport came third, with one complaint per 100,000 passengers, and a timely response rate of 50 percent.