Saudi Arabia: Saudia and Flynas issue visas to visitors

Foreign visitors and tourists wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia now have a more convenient way to obtain visas. By purchasing a flynas or Saudia flight, they can apply for and receive their visas directly on the airline’s website or at their offices and agencies.

This new process makes it easier and more efficient for travelers to enter the country, eliminating the need to go through a separate visa application process. The objective behind this decision is to attract more foreign tourists.

The visa application can be completed online and processed quickly, allowing travelers to focus on preparing for their trip (booking, check-in, …) instead of worrying about their visa.

This new service is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to boost tourism by allowing travelers to easily enter its territory whether for a short or long stay.

Saudi Arabia is therefore following in the footsteps of its counterpart United Arab Emirates, which allows visitors to apply for and obtain their visa online.

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