Riyadh Air prepares to take off

Already celebrating its first year of existence, Riyadh Air, the newly established airline, has revealed its grandiose ambitions: to position itself as the world’s leading innovative air carrier. Leading this ambitious company is CEO Tony Douglas, who proudly highlighted the company’s significant achievements during this inaugural year. Among these successes, we note the impressive order placed with Boeing for the acquisition of several 787-9 Dreamliners, a strategic choice aimed at operating a fleet made up of cutting-edge aircraft.

In addition, Riyadh Air has been able to forge strong links with other major players in the aviation sector. The partnership agreements concluded with Saudia and Turkish Airlines are eloquent examples of this, illustrating the Saudi operator’s desire to integrate harmoniously into the international air network, while offering its passengers extensive and flexible travel options. These collaborations mark the first steps towards building a global network capable of competing with the giants of the sector.

But Riyadh Air’s ambitions do not stop there. The company has also invested in partnerships with leading technology and engineering companies. The objective? Lead bold initiatives in digital transformation and sustainability in aviation.

According to Tony Douglas, Riyadh Air’s ambitious journey has only just begun. The company’s first flight is planned for 2025.

Looking to the future, Saudi Arabia’s new air carrier is already shaping up to be a key player in the international skies, promising to revolutionize air travel through an approach resolutely focused on innovation and quality.