Flynas announces job openings to hire women

Flynas announced the opening of applications for Saudi women in air service jobs, as part of the new Saudi initiative for immediate employment. As the application will be in person at the ADSSAS complex in Jeddah, she pointed out the advantages enjoyed by female candidates for these jobs, most notably obtaining a monthly salary of up to 8000 Saudi riyals, and annual vacations, provided that the conditions in the applicants are met.

As part of the New Saudi Arabia initiative, flynas has announced the opening of the door for immediate employment for Saudi women, and to apply for air service jobs (air hostess), and offers many advantages to applicants who reach the stage of final acceptance; Most notably, salaries ranging from 8000 to 9000 riyals per month in addition to allowances, medical and life insurance, as well as participation in the company’s activities. Not only this, but the candidate receives an annual leave of up to 30 days, in addition to an allowance for working hours.

Conditions for applying for flynas jobs for women

flynas has set the conditions for applying to air service jobs for women who have a high school diploma or higher, including:

The applicant must be of Saudi nationality.

The age of the applicant should not be less than 21 years, and not more than 31 years.

To have a high school diploma or higher.

Be proficient in both spoken and written English.

The height should not be less than 160 cm as a minimum, taking into account that there is consistency in weight and height.

To enjoy fitness.

To be able to swim.

Application dates for flynas jobs

Applying for air service jobs, flynas for women, will be in person, by conducting personal interviews with Saudi women applicants for immediate employment. 1443, corresponding to December 22, 2021, so those wishing to apply must take into account the admission requirements and the required skills.

How to apply to flynas for employment?

After reviewing the conditions for applying for Nass Air Service jobs, Saudi women can apply by attending the personal interviews on the dates specified by Nass Corporation at the Adsas Complex in Jeddah, and by bringing the required documents, which are a copy of the national identity, a valid passport, and a certificate of educational qualification, As well as a CV, and training certificate, if any, with the need to ensure that the required job skills are available in flynas applicants for immediate employment.

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